Treasure Pelo Industries

Project Management at Treasure Pelo Industries

Project Management Services

  • Project Office Design (PMO - Project/Portfolio Management Office & BIO - Business Improvement Office).
  • Project Implementation & Operation.
  • Project Controls, Reporting & Admin Services.
  • Project Guideline/Manual Development.
  • Planning and Scheduling.
  • Contractors Management (NEC, FIDIC i.e)
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Project Governance and Audits at Treasure Pelo Industries

Project Governance & Audits Services

  • Project governance structures, principles and protocols.
  • Project governance mandate, responsibilities, authorities & work method.
  • Project audit covering all knowledge areas of project management.
  • Conducting phase stage (gate) reviews.
  • Conducting project risk reviews.
  • Project plan reviews.
  • Facilitate technical, HAZOP & financial reviews.
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Engineering Management at Treasure Pelo Industries

Engineering Management Services

  • Instrumentation Engineering.
  • Control Systems & Automation Engineering.
  • Civil (roads & structural) Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Steel Fabrication.
  • Architectural Engineering.
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Cost Engineering at Treasure Pelo Industries

Cost Engineering & Control Services

  • Establish cost baseline.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Payment certification.
  • Change control.
  • Earned Value Management.
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Logistics Management at Treasure Pelo Industries

Logistics Services

  • Transportation (Trucking – moving of commoditise & equipment.
  • Licensed Supplier of oil and gas (Petroleum).
  • Supplier of consumables.
  • Establish quality parameters.
  • Review and approval of Contractor Quality Control Plans.
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Quantity Surveying at Treasure Pelo Industries

Quantity Surveying Services

  • QA & QM - Quality Assurance & Quality Management.
  • Cost estimation.
  • Re-measurement & certification.
  • Project Benefit Establishment.
  • Project Benefit Measurement & Realisation.
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Health, Safety & Environment at Treasure Pelo Industries

Health, Safety & Environment Services

  • Safety management.
  • Safety Agent function.
  • Environmental control.
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