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Project Governance
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Our Project Governance and Assurance models utilise best practice and draw on the extensive skills and experience of our project management teams. To ensure compliance and adherence to project governance gates and key milestones, Treasure Pelo Industries offers strategic project governance services for the full lifecycle of a project or programme. This typically includes detailed interviews and reporting, and participation in Steering Group meetings to provide independent, objective analysis and recommendations for improvements. By defining a single view of success and maintaining compliance from all parties, Treasure Pelo Industries provides clarity and confidence for all project stakeholders. The Treasure Pelo Industries governance model is not a one size fits all, and each approach is based on a customer’s specific needs. To drive improved project outcomes, we ensure that roles, responsibilities, timelines, scope and budget are clearly articulated. With extensive experience of mining and up-to-date knowledge of best practice solutions, our Project Delivery teams also quickly mitigate risks and issues to further improve project outcomes.

For distressed or paused projects, a Treasure Pelo Industries ‘Health Check’ can identify areas of failure and establish suitable recovery plans to get the project back on track. We can detect issues such as low stakeholder engagement, third party lack of clarity of scope, or poor delivery to timelines, all of which can cause project failure. Under these circumstances, our approach is to agree a revised governance model and address areas of concern, such as vendor performance, project gaps or a review of R.A.I.D. (risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies). Our teams have extensive experience of overcoming issues and ensuring all factors are taken into consideration, such as ensuring quality assurance of the production system through Testing. The Treasure Pelo Industries project governance model also allows customers to draw on Treasure Pelo Industries expertise from CEO to project team and to receive support at all levels within their organisation. This makes our governance process open and independent, permitting us to call-out areas of concern or opportunities for improvement within any aspect of the project.

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