Health, Safety & Environment

Treasure Pelo Industries

Health, Safety & Environment Services

Treasure Pelo Industries is dedicated to the development and implementation of SHEQ systems to improve our clients businesses, and add value while ensuring compliance through continual assessment. We provide knowledge and expertise on environmental protection and transitioning properties to new land uses. We assist clients in the resources sector in mine closure planning and asset retirement obligations.

Health & Safety

  • Compile and Supply a site/job specific Health and Safety files for all kinds of projects.
  • Audit Health and Safety file.
  • Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety file.
  • Conduct Health and Safety Meetings.
  • Induct and Train employees on Risk assessments, Method statements, Safe working procedures and fall protection plan to name a few.
  • We do inspections on weekly basis and generate Health and Safety reports.
  • Conduct toolbox/Safety talks.
  • Compile internal reports and keep records.

Incident Investigations

  • Incident investigations are done to determine the root cause of incident or accident, in order to prevent it from happening again or to mitigate risk in future.

Environmental Services

  • Prepare Environmental Managment plan.
  • Environmental monitoring and auditing.
  • Environmental Control.

Safety Programmes

  • Safety manual and policy development.
  • Injury and Illness preventation.
  • Emergency Response team and continuity plan.
  • Site security and life safety assessments.
  • Environmental programmes.
  • Job Safety Analysis.
  • Contractor safety programmes.
  • Gap analysis to identify SHEQ programmes deficiencies.
  • Fire safety assessments.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality System

  • Establish Health and Safety Committee, appoint members and ensure that OHS system and Quality Management system is compliant and working.
  • Includes Health and Safety plan, Emergency plan, Evacuation plan, Environmental Management plan, Quality Management plan and safe working procedure.

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

  • Risk Assessments are done as a legal requirement.
  • To determine exposure of persons, assets and environment to hazards.
  • To protect the security of all employees, contractors, visitors, assests and installations.

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