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Engineering Management!

Treasure Pelo Industries has exceptional understanding concerning engineering, which we can deploy emphatically for our customers' benefit as engineering services. We add value to a business by our engineering management services and are first of all client-focused, focusing on overachieving our client's requirements and expectations. Before listing an informative recap of the various engineering competencies and defining the challenging capabilities for possible engineering tasks, let us give an initial checklist of the engineering services and tasks we do accomplish. Our engineering experts implement and fulfil contract such as:

  • Executive interim management: C-level engineering directors for plan and the responsibility to achieve specific goals, from consulting, plan preparation along with supervision to the realization as an acting board supervisor.
  • Functional, short-term operational management, in addition to possibly the implementation of engineering improvement programs: Engineering supervisors, leading (sub-)departments and engineering processes, yet most typical, engineering professionals leading the daily operations of the engineering activities alongside possible the execution of engineering change and improvement processes. Temporary management is a solution for gaps in management resources as it compensates for the lack of a company's capacity, capabilities and knowledge.
  • Engineering consulting: Engineering specialists added to an organization as an independent counselor, - giving suggestions and also guidance in knowledge locations such as economics, strategy, innovation, development, processes, legal issues and/or technology, or - leading, guiding as well as additionally aiding in the realization of specific engineering tasks and also processes

Engineering managed services: If required, together with our company partners, we have the know-how, capability, and seasoned top-engineers to take over your engineering proceedings. You may outsource the engineering tasks and siphoning duties with an accurate service-level plan based upon trust at a feasible fee that does justice to the mutual benefits. As engineering specialists, we operate customer-oriented, credible and devoted, and at the same time, we will be able to reduce the cost of engineering. An additional advantage is that, in addition to direct cost savings, you, our client, can focus on your customer, the processes and activities of the company, which are crucial and distinctive; the core business.

  • Chemical engineering manager
  • Automation manager
  • Civil engineering manager
  • Electrical engineering manager
  • Mechanical engineering manager
  • Engineering planning & resources manager
  • Field manager
  • R&D manager
  • Product engineering manager
  • Validation manager
  • Commissioning manager
  • Cost engineering manager
  • Tooling manager
  • Integration manager
  • Performance manager
  • Safety manager
  • Process manager
  • Plant engineering manager
  • Electronics engineering manager
  • Robotics manager
  • Infrastructure engineering manager
  • Geotechnical manager
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